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What you need for your new kitten

Your kitten is liter trained, he/she needs a litter box with sides not too high to enter and leave easily. Keep the liter box clean, removing solids daily. You need to start with the litter your kitten is used to. In our cattery we use Scoop Away. You also need a litter scoop and litter mat.


Your kitten needs to have separate dishes for water, dry food, and wet food. It is important to keep the dishes clean. Do not put the dishes near the litter box to avoid contamination.
Our cats always have access to dry food and water. Besides dry food, the kitten, 12 weeks old, needs to be feed three times a day with wet food, until he turns 6 months old, then he can be feed with wet food twice a day. 
It is important to initially continue to feed your kitten the food he has been eating so he doesn't get an upset stomach. If you decide to switch food later, transition slowly over a period of 7-10 days.
We feed kittens with Hills Science Diet dry food and Fancy Feast wet food.

Your kitten is trained to use a scratching post with two scratching surfaces, The flattened cardboard on the horizontal surface and sisal post on the vertical.
The scratching post protects the furniture from damage.

Other than when he sleeps, the kitten plays all the time.
He likes lightweight balls, all kinds of mice, and other small toys.
We do not recommend to give him/her toys with feathers because they will eat the feathers and may get sick.

Once you bring your kitten home, initially keep him in one room, with all the supplies he needs. Give him time to adjust to the new surroundings, new people, and other pets. It could take up to a few weeks for him to feel at home.
Introduce the kitten to other pets slowly and supervise all interactions for the first several days.
Preparing for the kitten first few weeks in his new home will make his transition a happy one.

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